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News from The Gate

White Dwarf and limited figure

Facebook post   2024-05-22 23:19:15

This made me laugh.

Facebook post   2024-05-21 20:20:36

Newly arrived at Valhalla's Gate are:
Smug Owls, Marvel Champions Iceman deck, Monikers, Blind Spot, Let's Go Japan, and 10 Days in the USA.

Facebook post   2024-05-21 15:08:21

The newest expansion for the Lorcana TCG releases today (Friday, May 17) for brick and mortar stores. We have Lorcana: Ursula's Return boosters, starter decks, card sleeves, deck boxes, and a few troves and quests.

Facebook post   2024-05-17 09:00:28

Graduation Plague Doctor has arrived just in the nick of time for high school graduation.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 22:14:40

More Ticket to Ride Legends of the West Legacy game had arrived.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 20:03:26

Spicy Dice restock plus the new 4 set Fun Packs, three new card games, and Courtesans arrived today

Facebook post   2024-05-14 17:39:22

Restock on Fallout board game and expansion has arrived.

Facebook post   2024-05-14 15:37:39

' '

Facebook post   2024-05-09 15:24:48

It's not too late to get Mom a gift she will love from Valhalla's Gate. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12.

Facebook post   2024-05-09 15:22:47

New D&D book released on Tuesday. We have both the regular and the alt-cover for Vecna, Eve of Ruin.

Facebook post   2024-05-09 11:58:18

Newly arrived items include Flat woods Monster, restock on D&D plushies, For the Queen storytelling game, and Medium.

Facebook post   2024-05-07 16:51:07

Newly arrived today! New Goodies for Arkham Horror TCG including a new novel, new Crisis Protocol minis, and Faraway.

Facebook post   2024-05-03 15:28:57

New puzzles have arrived from Cobble Hill. Just a reminder that Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12.

Facebook post   2024-05-03 12:03:11

Restock on Heat plus a few more of the Heat expansion. New items include Soundtrack Trivia game both regular and deluxe, Squirrels card game, Flux Solo Playmats, and two Mystery Agency escape room-style games.

Facebook post   2024-05-02 22:02:55

Great turnout for Jeremy's commander tournament today!

Facebook post   2024-04-27 13:22:11

The kids in the West Elementary board game club wrote thank you notes for the donated games. This was my favorite! We also love playing games with friends and family.

If you still have gently used games to donate, both West and Parkade Elementaries have room in their game library. Games should be aimed at players 6-11 years old. You can drop games or donations off at the Gate and we will get them to the correct people. Thanks in advance.

Facebook post   2024-04-27 08:00:34

Tonight's game night included Between Two Cities and Dinosaur Island Rawr 'N Write. Different kinds of fun, but my favorite was Between Two Cities. Cooperative but not, and great for three players.

Facebook post   2024-04-26 22:39:27

Newly released today is the Heavy Rain expansion to Heat.

Facebook post   2024-04-26 22:35:08

Newly arrived today is the Wednesday version of Clue, plus restocks on Abduction, Ransom Notes, Dinosaur Island Roll and Write, Army Painter paints, Nolzur's miniatures, and more.

Facebook post   2024-04-25 18:35:25

New dice from Gatekeeper Games arrived today. Check out some of the more unique items! D20s in 55m, meeple-filled Giant D20s, giant silicone bouncy dice, magnet dice, GM aides, and more.

Facebook post   2024-04-24 11:28:24

Newly arrived items this weekend include items from Lucky Duck -
a Chronicles of Crime restock, Chronicles of Crime: Chronicles of Time Scenarios, Chronicles of Crime Collector boxes, and Flamecraft miniatures Set 2.

Facebook post   2024-04-21 13:26:46

Our semi-annual market day will occur on today (April 20th) from noon to 5 pm. Sellers can reserve a table for $5.

Do you have board games, bits, models and RPGs that you no longer want or use? Turn your stuff into store credit by becoming a seller at Market Day. You set your prices and hock your wares, we will ring customers out on the register. Sellers will receive store credit at the end of the day.

Market Day is one of the best opportunities to find great deals on used or out of print items. You might find rare gifts or fun things you didn't even know you needed.

Valhalla's Gate will be selling off old games and bits and pieces we found in our closet too.

Facebook post   2024-04-20 10:39:15

Today's project was entering orders and cleaning up various shelves of games. Here's what Tiny Epic Games from Gamelyn Games looks like in our two-player section looks like now. Tiny Epic Games are not just for two players but they often work great for two players. Several are for 1-4 players. Some are even cooperative. Everyone is sure to find a theme that appeals to them and will fit on their table.

Facebook post   2024-04-19 21:16:03

Newly arrived - Ursula puzzle from Ravensburger and the Harmonies board game and expansion.

Facebook post   2024-04-19 08:00:47