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News from The Gate

The sequel to Dodos Riding Dinosaurs, DRD Dodo Dash makes its debut in our crowd-funded section. This award-winning dexterity racing game from Detestable Games was inspired by kart racing videogames. Both my kids (who are no longer really kids) enjoy playing the somewhat silly original. It is a frequent, family game-night pick. This expansion, which can also be a stand-alone game, promises even more fun in what many consider one of the best racing games available.

Facebook post   2024-02-24 15:00:47

War for Chicken Island and all the extras are here! It is labeled as a "family, skirmish gateway game." Zany chickens fight for dominion over a small island. No players are eliminated in this easy to learn skirmish game. From the company that brought you Dodos Riding Dinosaurs and Kiwi Chowdown.

Facebook post   2024-02-24 12:00:59

We cleaned up and reorganized our map, tiles, and Game mastery book shelves on Friday. Both sides of the gondola look so much better but we only took a picture of one side.

Facebook post   2024-02-24 09:00:43

New board game arrivals today and yesterday. Dodos Riding Dinosaurs Door Dash sequel, War for Chicken Island, Regroup Chicken Army, Red Dragon 9 Undercity, the Vale of Eternity, and Unmatched Suns Origin.

Facebook post   2024-02-23 21:39:41

Attention miniature players! Don't forget that we have a variety of terrain table mats in 3x3, 3x6, and 4x6 sizes. We also have hills, buildings, and trees for several different game systems that customers can borrow during their games in the Event Center. Just ask staff to help you set up.

Facebook post   2024-02-23 11:00:26

Rearranged the tables in the main Event Center. Now all the smaller board game tables are near the rental library shelves and the miniature tables are all grouped together better. The private table behind the screen didn't change.

Facebook post   2024-02-23 09:00:41

The Calendar of Many Adventures 2024 is full of 12 tiles that make great battle mats for DMs or players. Use it as a calendar and then use the mats for game play.

Facebook post   2024-02-22 10:00:34

Disney Villains figures are new today! They are totes adorbs!

Facebook post   2024-02-21 20:00:33

Restock on Kickstarter editions of Calico, Cascadia, Verdant, and Fit to Print have arrived. We also received KS editions Point Salad and Deep Dive (not pictured). The Cascadia Landmarks restock is the regular edition.

Facebook post   2024-02-21 17:58:58

Girl Scouts cookies have arrived at the Gate. Girl Scouts from Troop 30063 will be stocking a small selection regularly. All the big flavors are in stock. Cookies are $6 a box. Cash or Checks made payable to GS Troop 30063. Thanks!

Facebook post   2024-02-19 19:33:04

Newly arrived board games include Harrow County, Abducktion, Ransom Notes Bundles, Puns of Anarchy, Camping Fluxx, Wandering Towers mini expansions, MicroMacro Crime City Showdown, Junk Drawer, and the Mythwind Kickstarter edition.

Facebook post   2024-02-16 22:13:24

Restock plus some new Warmies and new plushies arrived today. Check out the flamingo, the hedgehog, the tiny axelotl, and more.

Facebook post   2024-02-16 22:04:21

Patchwork Valentine's edition is great for two players!


Facebook post   2024-02-14 12:00:37

Get more time for gaming with the future of miniature paint utilizing the new Warpaints Fanatic Starter, Washes, and Metallics Paint Sets from ArmyPainter.

Preorder your paint set today! ????

Facebook post   2024-02-14 09:00:40

Leader Games Valentine's!

Facebook post   2024-02-14 01:04:20

...????It's Carnaval and not even the zombie apocalypse will stop the parade!

Survivors will put on their best costumes, find musical instruments, and protect King Momo.

Download the Zombicide Scenario here:

Don't let the samba die! ????????????????????

Facebook post   2024-02-13 10:00:31

Preorder your Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands starters today!

Facebook post   2024-02-12 16:04:15

Restock on Chronicles of Crime has arrived. This is one of my favorite deduction games!

Facebook post   2024-02-12 09:00:49

Check out our two-player game section for other game suggestions or just ask our knowledgeable staff.

Facebook post   2024-02-11 23:43:24

Thanks to everyone who came to learn two-player games with us. Once a month we will pick a theme and play games that correspond to it. The March date and theme will be announced soon!

Facebook post   2024-02-11 19:50:27

Need a gift for the upcoming love holiday? We have two-player games, love-themed games, plushies, heart dice, and more.

Facebook post   2024-02-08 20:41:30

Celebrate 2024 as the Year of the Dragon! Valhalla's Gate has you covered with dragon plushies and Warmies, articulated fidgets, dragon toys, and dragon-themed board games.

Facebook post   2024-02-07 09:00:58

The Chinese lunar New Year begins February 10. This year (2024) is the year of the dragon. Celebrate with an articulated dragon fidget. We have a variety of colors and different styles in stock. These 3D fidgets are printed locally by Scoutwerkz.

Facebook post   2024-02-06 20:02:12

New arrivals today include Deadly Dowagers, Karvi, Exoworld Survival, and Cyberpunk 2077 board game and expansion.

Facebook post   2024-02-06 19:50:06

The Gate just received a restock on the base game for Canvas. These copies are a special Valhalla's Gate Edition of Canvas.
Each copy includes the extra wooden easels and tokens that can be found in the deluxe edition, but not the bonus art cards or the award cards from the Kickstarter campaign. We also have the deluxe, KS editions of the two expansions. Look how beautiful they look displayed all together!

#boardgames #canvasboardgame #valhallasgate

Facebook post   2024-01-31 15:39:55