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News from The Gate

Today's project was entering orders and cleaning up various shelves of games. Here's what Tiny Epic Games from Gamelyn Games looks like in our two-player section looks like now. Tiny Epic Games are not just for two players but they often work great for two players. Several are for 1-4 players. Some are even cooperative. Everyone is sure to find a theme that appeals to them and will fit on their table.

Facebook post   2024-04-19 21:16:03

Newly arrived - Ursula puzzle from Ravensburger and the Harmonies board game and expansion.

Facebook post   2024-04-19 08:00:47

The new Army Painter Fanatics paint rack has arrived. We are very excited about these new paints!

Also, here's the mess left behind after unpacking, building, and filling a paint rack. This is after all the cardboard was recycled and the air packs were tossed.

Facebook post   2024-04-18 22:11:33

Newly arrived....Gloomhaven Buttons and Bugs, a game for solo players.

Facebook post   2024-04-16 18:56:21

Come play in our Lorcana Into the Inklands Store Championship on Saturday, April 20 at 1:00 pm.

Facebook post   2024-04-15 23:06:21

New and restocked items that arrived this week include Evolution New World, Evolution Another World, Flamecraft metal coins, Flamecraft deluxe wooden pieces, and Creature Comforts Kickstarter edition.

Facebook post   2024-04-13 11:00:24

Staff made Baby Yoda an origami cowboy hat for the weekend. But that must not have been spectacular enough. This is how he looked this morning, I guess he's ready for Outlaws of Thunder Junction.


Facebook post   2024-04-13 09:00:48

We have another Magic Pre-Release for Outlaws of Thunder Junction at 1 pm on Saturday. Check in begins at noon.
Jasper strongly encourages costumes.

Facebook post   2024-04-13 00:01:48

Exciting news! West Elementary is starting a board game club! However, they don't have much money for new games. We have already donated a stack of games from our shelves. Now we are reaching out to see if any of our customers might have gently used games aimed at ages 6-9 years to donate. You can drop off games at the Gate and we will get them to the right person. If you don't have a used game, but would like to donate toward a new game, we can arrange that too! Thanks in advance!

Facebook post   2024-04-11 15:41:35

Board game sleeves have moved off the Gamegenic rack and are closer to board games. I think they are slightly easier to shop now, too.

Facebook post   2024-04-10 14:55:51

New stickers have arrived!

Facebook post   2024-04-10 08:00:50

New RPGs or accessories arrived recently include Dark Tower for 5th edition and for DCC with bonus pre-gen characters well as Welcome to Arkham.

Facebook post   2024-04-09 19:34:31

The dice have all been shelved.

Facebook post   2024-04-08 14:08:03

The Gate will be closed from 1:45 to 2:15 pm for the staff Eclipse watch party. Come join in! Then you can shop after.

Facebook post   2024-04-08 13:26:30

The Gate will be closed for a brief time on Monday, April 8 so staff can experience the Eclipse, too.

Facebook post   2024-04-07 14:38:45

Tangram City arrived today! This looks so fun!

Facebook post   2024-04-07 09:00:38

A peek into the glamorous Saturday night of a small business owner, when we shrink-wrap 100 metal dice sets while watching a movie.

Facebook post   2024-04-07 00:30:44

Peace and long life.

Facebook post   2024-04-05 16:41:14

Our Die Hard Dice restock has arrived! Metal dice, acrylic dice, tiny dice, Dire D20s, dice trays - so much dice goodness will soon be on the shelves.

Facebook post   2024-04-04 22:16:26

Come join the fun this Saturday and play Blood on the Clocktower.

Facebook post   2024-04-03 21:01:18

Today, Jasper Bjorn got a new helmet. He had his previous blue Viking helmet roughly 20 years. The plastic has seen better days and has a crack down the middle. This one is softer and hopefully will last him as long. He looks quite dashing now!

Facebook post   2024-04-03 18:33:31

Meep, Meep

Facebook post   2024-04-03 18:27:17

Over the years, our *Celebrate Diversity* section has moved around the store. It has been housed on several different fixtures. I think this version is the best so far. One end cap section for games designed, illustrated, or positively representing women, one for the LGBTQIA community, and one section for BIPOC and highlighting different cultures.


Facebook post   2024-03-31 13:00:32

Roleplaying games section


Facebook post   2024-03-31 12:00:25

The miniatures, paint, terrain, and card sleeve side of the store.


Facebook post   2024-03-31 11:00:46