Looking to Join DnD Game



Our group is looking for a new regular player. 5e with alternating DMs. We currently meet on Tuesday evenings from 7pm ro about 11 pm. You can text me for more info if you are interested



New fella here, and I haven't been on a forum in years, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong.

I too would love to get back into DnD. It's been a few years since my last campaign, and my experience was limited, so I'm probably not suited to high level play, and would need to get used to the rules once again. The big thing being that my own schedule is somewhat limited, as my job lets me have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, so the evenings would be ideal, but I know that that's not an ideal scenario for most, weekends seeming to be the preference. I could maybe finagle Sunday if that works better.

Here's my email if anyone wants to say hello!


My e-mail is zfarwell@yahoo.com.

My e-mail is zfarwell@yahoo.com

That would be awesome. I'm interested. Thanks for reaching out.