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MTG Chaos Draft  

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Saturday, July 27, 2019 -- 11:00am

Casual Chaos Draft Tournament!


Base Cost: $17.00 (Subject to change depending on pack choice)

(Max of 3 rounds)



Chaos Draft is a Draft format that every person gets to choose whichever packs they want (from Valhalla's Gate's stock) they would like to draft with. This means you could have a person with one War of the Spark pack and two Amonkhet while you hold an Iconic Masters and two Journey Into Nix packs and every other person at the table has a different combination of packs as well.

Other than that rules are the same as regular drafting.



All packs must be bought day of for the tournament at Valhalla's Gate, no bringing separate packs

5 Days 11 hours 24 minutes to go