Setting up a group for D&D

Hey bishop shoot me an email at or call or text 417.766.7324

Do you have anymore openings? Im looking to get into a game as well.

We have our monthly Pathfinder Smackdown this Saturday. You are always welcome to play Pathfinder with us. I don't live in Columbia but if I did I'd probably be running both Pathfinder and 5e. Both games are fun to play to because it's always about the people at the table playing in a story!

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

Shoot me an email at or phone or text at 4177667324 plz

Are you looking to start a group from scratch, or looking to join an existing group? We have a group that plays Saturdays at Valhalla's Gate.

Any groups that play on weekends that have an opening? I’m ok with setting up a new group as well, it’s been decades since I’ve played. Would need a DM for sure to start. Any feedback is welcome.