5th Ed D&D Group

Im in the same situation, kinda new but I know the basics, looking for more chances to learn. I love story crafting, so I would be open to DM but im a noob so probably not the best idea for now. either way I got some friends who might be interested as well, hoping for Wednesday nights cause I work Saturday nights.

Hello everyone, I'm looking to see if any group that might have any openings or if people are still looking to put a group together. I am still fairly knew with D&D and have been learning on the 5th edition but I'm open for anything really. I might also have a friend who would be interested in playing as well. He is a bit more experiance with D&D then I am but we both are looking for a way to meet new people and feed craving for some nerdness. If you have any openings or thinking that we can get enough people for a game feel free to email me at ear7587@truman.edu, or comment here! Either way it will be fun! :)