Looking for an RPG group

Hey all! First want to vouch that Bill is a fun guy, we gamed a bit but Sundays couldn't work out and on my end we're a primarily Sunday afternoon group. Second, not aiming to sneak anyone away from another table! But if either of you find a seasoned gamer (aka 30+) that can't make your sessions but might be up for a Sunday D&D group, holler at me. We can only fit one in, but it's a cool group.

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Hey there. Well i play Pathfinder and started getting my feet wet in DD 5.0.

I too am looking for a gaming group. Can't really do anything on Sunday as those are family days per my wife. However I am flexible otherwise. I would like to do something like maybe two or three times a month. I do have one group that I'm playing in that meets one time a month on a Saturday. Here is my email so drop me a line and maybe we can get something started.

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Hi, all. I'm in search of an RPG group, particularly one willing to put up with an cranky old coot. I'm in desperate need for a regularly scheduled escape from reality.

I have been gaming since December, 1981, although I haven't had the opportunity to play all that much over the years. However, I have long collected different RPGs, and even got around to writing one myself that was published in France in 1996. I was involved in the epic and legendary Vampire: The Masquerade game that took place each Saturday night from dusk to dawn at The Danger Room in downtown Columbia in the early 1990s.

I have a reputation for being extremely picky about the games I'm interested in playing, but that really only goes for games that I'm considering running. I'd be happy to play anything as long as the group was cool and the play was fun.

I can gamemaster if necessary, and may want to at some point, but I'd really just like to play at the moment.

I'm familiar with the World of Darkness/Chronicle of Darkness games, all the various iterations of Traveller, Pathfinder and I just picked up the latest version of D&D. I've read through the rules (but haven't played) the Cypher System games Numenera and The Strange. I have a pretty extensive collection of games that I've read through (mostly), but I haven't actually played in a game that I haven't run for many, many years.

Anyone with an opening? Please let me know.

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