Looking for an Awesome DM

Hey hey! Are you still looking for a DM?

Hey hey. Are you still looking for a DM?

ok, just realized there isn't a PM for this forum which is strange. You can email me at danstevenson101@gmail.com.

I'm getting ready to post a "Looking for Players" for the Jefferson City/Holts Summit Area. I wasn't expecting to pick up another DMs campaign but I'd be interested in details. Feel free to PM me if you would be able to play a twice a month Saturday (noon - 6pm) game. I DM and play online via fantasy ground/beyond with freinds but am putting together a f2f game to be hosted by me.

What was the campaign setting (homebrew, Greyhawk, Faerûn)?
What levels are the 2 or 3 pcs?
Why is it 2 or 3, does one not not up regularly?
Please provide some background/preferences about the players (habits/vices, allergies, play styles, deal breakers).

Hello! My group's DM quit unexpectedly, but we as players love the concept and are looking for someone willing to pick up the yoke and carry on the campaign! The best description of the campaign is Hunger Games meets Underdark where the upper-worlders watch for sport. It's a gestalt campaign as initially there are only two-to-three of us playing and we wanted a fun, but challenging game.

I will happily provide more information for anyone interested.