Starting a 3.5 Camapign, looking for players

Just moved into the area and am looking for a new group to roll with. I've been playing D&D for six years. I've served as Dungeon Master and Co-DM on two separate occasions, and I've been a player in five. I'll be basing this campaign on a world that I've worked with previously, so I have a good idea of how it functions. The world has multiple regions to choose from, each one having their own dangers threatening to wipe them from the face of the map. Powergamers need not apply.

With five kingdoms to choose from, there is no shortage of disaster plaguing this world with orcs, warlocks and undead threatening the totality of life on the planet, perhaps you can fight back horrors and keep the madness at bay for just a few more moments.

For those interested, feel free to contact me at . I'm shooting for this game to be on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons, and I can meet you in the store if you want to discuss the world or the campaign as a whole.

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