PFS Smackdown March Madness is coming on March 14th

We would like to announce our March PFS Smackdown which will be held on March 14th. Our theme this month is March Madness since we are offering the five Pathfinder Second Edition quests for subtiers 1-4. Players can play in all five quests as they will be offered throughout the day by multiple GMs in five time slots. Each quest lasts 60 to 90 minutes. They are excellent for testing new character builds out as well as learning how to play Pathfinder Second Edition. We have more information about this on our of Aroden website .

PFS Smackdown will conduct an open Character Creation seminar for all players who are playing or interested in playing Pathfinder Second Edition. Character sheets will be provided. The goal is to help players explore the character creation process involved in making a Pathfinder Society legal character using the Pathfinder Second Edition rules. Players will learn the A-B-C's of character creation and then use the current PFS2 Guild Guide to develop a fully playable 1st level Pathfinder Society legal character.

Following creation of the characters, players will be able to play them in Pathfinder Second Edition quests which will be ran by GMs in three 90 minute time slots. All first level characters can be edited until they are played in a session at second level. This allows for players to adjust details on the characters if they feel they made an error or just want to make some changes to fit the concept they want the character to fit into.

The PFS2 Guild Guide can be found at

This seminar will be held in two parts from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Character worksheets, character sheets, and zero-level worksheets will be provided to every participant. No experience is needed to participate in the seminar.

Sign-ups are open on our page . We are currently in the process of adding more quests as more of our GMs send in their plans to us. If you don't see an open table in a slot, check back later.

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

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