Jefferson City based group looking for a few additions

Hello,my name is Mark I wondering if you would consider a newb player for your game?Ive been playing tabletop games but would like to get into playing D&D.Thanks

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I am interested in joining you group. I am in Columbia but I wouldn't mind driving to Jeff City. I'm 40 and played D&D a lot in my 20s but stopped for a while, but now I am getting back into playing RPGs after not having plaid for about 12 years. I was in a group recently playing Swords & Wizardry but that group fell apart earlier this month due to scheduling issues.


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Hello, my name is Matt. I'm a member of a primarily D&D 5e group based in Jefferson City. We are going to be rebooting into a new campaign soon and we're looking to acquire one to two new players.

Currently, we have an established DM and 3 regular players. We are all between the ages of 30 and 45, with the median age closer to 40. We will have a regular location to play on the west side of Jefferson City. Our group is currently all male and we're all family oriented, though our table talk may not always be rated PG.

We're all fairly experienced D&D players that have dabbled in other systems, but the group will play 5e, either homebrew or published material. We use dice, pen and paper, apps, maps, and miniatures. And we meet primarily on Friday nights, though it may not be EVERY Friday.

If you are interested, please post a reply. We'd like to do a meet and greet before first sessions, just so we all can discuss expectations together.

Thanks and may your dice roll critical hits!

I expect the DM will chime in on this thread soon.

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