Looking to DM

I accidentally deleted the past post. Whoops. Simply put, I was going to edit it to change the time to Wednesday at 11 or 12 to 4. Same thing really: world built from the ground up based in a dark fantasy/epic fantasy world. Demons, devil's, and undead running rampant, trying to slaughter the material plane and the Goddess herself. A number of the things are different from the books but it really ain't that bad. Homebrewed is allowed but I usually need to give the say so on what it is. Most of the things in my binders should be good to go (3rd party from DMs Guild that have been reviewed and updated repeatedly). I do have 3 or so players, 2 of them drive up with me. We usually play at one of the game tables since I can only really drive to Columbia's outskirts and don't handle big cities well. Politically incorrect and dark senses of humor abound but all of us love to play D&D. I have an idea for a campaign but that won't show up until I have ironed things out. It might not be anything but the setting and improv so don't worry about that to much. Anyway: contact me at or reply here. Happy gaming!

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