Swords and Wizardry campaign looking for players


I'm looking for a group! I've been 5e for about 3 years and have a wide range of experience playing different classes. I have an extensive collection of dice, and my schedule is relatively open.

I can also bring snacks!

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Adventure like it's the 70s! A smallish campaign using old school rules.

Looking for 1 to 3 more players to join in a campaign. Traditional epic fantasy with some weirdness thrown in for good measure. This will be a nice change from 5e, pathfinder, and other big name games. I'll be running using Swords and Wizardry Complete (available for free online, or as a hardcover). The rules are essentially a “re-stated” version of the original Gygax & Arneson rules (0e), created using the Open Game License, plus supplements. Of course, it's been polished and cleaned up and is nicely organized, easy to read, etc. Rules are flexible and allow for a lot of referee input, so we use things like ascending armor class (no THAC0 here!).

My hope is to run the campaign up to about level 10 and see where that takes us. Hope to meet once a week for 2 or 3 hours in the evening (Thursdays look like the strongest contender so far) with the occasional weekend for a bigger game day. Group currently has two players, we are all laid-back, friendly and accepting of new and returning players. I do have a FB group dedicated to the campaign, however if you don't use FB, I can make accommodations. If interested, reply to this post or contact me @

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