Looking to start a VTM larp

Looking to start up a once a month Vampire the masquerade larp (Mind's Eye Theater). it will be a Camarilla game set in Columbia as a first line of defense from the approaching sabbat to the west. the territory is part of the domain of Missouri under Prince Eleazar who rules most of the state from St. Louis. the game starts out with you the players and a handful of NPCs coming to the area to set up an Elysium under the prince as a formal point to gather and monitor the sabbat threat creeping in from Kansas. The Sabbat on New Years took over Kansas City and the prince sent this lot of kindred to Columbia to make sure they do not come further east while he plans to retake his land.

if interested please reply here so I can see the interest. I would like to get about six people to play once a month and work on growing the game from there. Like I said this will be once a month on probably a Sunday or Saturday. if you have any questions about it you can reply here or email me at .

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