Como-marauders seeking 2 weekly players (5e)

We recently lost two players to the dreaded PhD Graduation Ceremony. Though we were happy to see them fulfill their dreams, we are now stricken with a thin table.

Our group meets weekly (currently on Tuesdays, 7PM to 10/11PM - but we have been considering shifting to Sunday afternoons).
We would like two players that can commit to the times reliably.

We have two 2 DMs that rotate, and we play at a residence on the north side of Columbia. We have PHBS, DMGS, dice for days, and enough figs to reenact the siege of Gondor. One DM tends to play from campaign books and the other homebrews.

If you are interested, email at , or text 479.616.2543 to set up an interview. We prefer 3 personal/professional references, a CV, and a list of your top 10 favorite nerd-doms ordered from least to greatest. That, or an offering of junk-food.


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