Jefferson City Pathfinder Group LFP

I hope you get players for this campaign. It's too far for me to get down there to sustain playing in a campaign. You could find Pathfinder players at our monthly PFS Smackdown and are more than welcome to come to our next Smackdown to promote your campaign. Our next PFS Smackdown is January 12th at Valhalla's Gate. Information about it is on our League of Aroden website at

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

Starting a new campaign with a cross between society play(does not count towards society play) and homebrew. We have a DM and three players currently and looking for players who can play bimonthly, on saturdays. Generally a 6 hour session. All players welcomed. If you are new to Pathfinder or roleplaying games, pathfinder is open source and its material can be found free. We also have books(I personally prefer these) but id still recommend at least getting core book.