Curious about Adventure League

Even if the gate can't sponsor, I would be very interested in an AL something. I see four people here who expressed interest; you only need 4 for official play. It seems like we could establish a monthly game, perhaps with rotating DMs, so it would be easy to scale up or down.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make this happen?

Unfortunately they changed the cost for being apart of AL. For details feel free to ask in person in store.

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I am the co-head of the AL group in Jefferson City. We were based out of the game store here before it closed down at the start of October. Now the groups are spread out, at people's houses and at Hy-Vee.

I would love to help get something set up.

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If it turns out that the problem is lack of people, i would be happy to contribute. I haven't done anything since Living Greyhawk, but I can DM and am good at filling out forms.

If others wanted to work to try to get some AL things started up, I would be interested in participating in that.

May I ask what was changed that caused you to drop it?

This is Heather from The Gate. Unfortunately we don't have an adventurer's league here. Wizards of the Coast changed some things with the support they had for it and it has caused us to no longer be able to do it.

We do still reserve Wednesday nights for RPGs, and by that I mean we reserve tables for any role playing groups. We also have Dungeon Crawl Classics and Pathfinder Smack Downs once a month each.

But unfortunately besides that we don't have organized play for Adventures League/Adventures League type things

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