Curious about Adventure League

This is Heather from The Gate. Unfortunately we don't have an adventurer's league here. Wizards of the Coast changed some things with the support they had for it and it has caused us to no longer be able to do it.

We do still reserve Wednesday nights for RPGs, and by that I mean we reserve tables for any role playing groups. We also have Dungeon Crawl Classics and Pathfinder Smack Downs once a month each.

But unfortunately besides that we don't have organized play for Adventures League/Adventures League type things

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I can't say if there is presently AL stuff going on, I know there used to be but I feel like I asked about it a while back and it was on hold maybe?

I'm in the same boat though: I have an AL character that's only seen gameplay at conventions that I'd be curious about spending a little more time with if thins lined up right.

After decades of tabletop gaming, I’ve finally branched into D&D over the last several months, and am going to Midwest Game fest in KC next weekend where my wife and I will be playing some Adventure League sessions. I feel like we’re pretty well prepared to jump right into those, but my question is about when we get back.

Do we have AL games being played at Valhallas’s or being hosted other places by steady customers? Or should I expect that AL will only be a part of my D&D play at conventions?