Wanting to Play New Games

Update: I have enough to make two Flesh and Blood decks so you no longer have to have your own, you can borrow one of mine. Still interested in these games and can be flexible with my scheduling for the next week or two.

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Hey y'all! Over the past year I collected a few new games I haven't gotten to play yet but would love to. Gonna list them below and let me know if anyone is interested if you want to grab a table next weekend (July 23 - 25) or at some time the week after then. I "know" all the rules to them and will do my best to teach it as need be

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol: A miniature game about superheroes that doesn't seem as rules-heavy as Warhammer or Infinity but that doesn't mean it doesn't have depth to it. I have the core box which has enough for two people to play against each other. Who doesn't want to play out a battle between Captain America and Redskull as they fight around the busy streets of New York City? Even has rules for throwing cars and buildings around.
  • Flesh & Blood: A new collectible card game that has me excited. I only have enough cards for me to make a decent blitz deck, so you will have to bring your own cards (or buy a handful of booster packs at the shop) if you wanted to play this. If enough people wanted and showed up, we could attempt a draft.
  • Frostgrave (2nd Edition): This is the most obscure one on the list. A Narrative Miniature game where each player has their wizard, apprentice, and the small band of mercenaries they hired to escort them into the frozen remains of a fallen civilization as they dig for treasure and power. As the two sides fight over the forgotten artifacts there are also wandering monsters who can come by and change the dynamic. Each skirmish is not supposed to be a wizard-deathfight as this game has mini-campaigns for you to play in and level up your casters between sessions (and buy better gear for your mercenaries).
Let me know here and/or message me on Discord if you're interested

Discord = Charles (he/him)#1337

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