Paint & Take Event - Owl Bear

Dungeons & Dragons
Saturday February 22nd, 2020 1:00 pm-3:00 pm


It's time for another fun, low-stress Paint and Take event. Participants will receive an Owl Bear model from Wiz Kids to paint.  We will provide a placemat, a palette, some brushes and the paint needed.  Entry fee is $20.00.  Painters of all experience levels are welcome.

UPDATE: We received more Owlbears! This event is limited to 34 painters. Registration is required.

 Important Note: If you are trying to register for the event and you don't see a "+ BOOK THIS EVENT" banner in blue above the booking information to the right, you need to log into the site first. If you don't already have a log in for the site you will have to complete a very brief registration process before you can log in for the first time.

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Paint & Take Owlbear
$ 20.00
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