So, what's up with the paints?

Army Painter range of paints, washes, effects, dip, brushes, and tools

 As you may have noticed if you've been in lately, we've been making changes to our model paint selection and we'd like to let everyone know the details. Our philosophy for the store has always been that we strive to provide excellent customer service and an excellent customer experience, to provide an extensive selection to choose from, and to provide only quality products that will meet our customers' expectations.

First, we're dropping the slowest selling individual paints from the Acrylicos Vallejo Model Color Range of 218 paints and from the Privateer Press P3 paints. We're keeping the rest of the paints in these lines but getting rid of the ones that sell very infrequently. We feel that is impossible to ensure the quality of the individual bottles of these slow moving paints. Additionally, we have multiple sources for both of these paint lines, so we will be able to fill special requests for them in a timely manner. And we will still be bringing in any new paints added to these lines.

Second, we're building a bulk paint shaker. We currently cycle through shaking all the paint bottles by hand. With an excess of 400 different paints (and more than a 1,000 bottles) it just takes too long to get through the entire stock. Regular shaking keeps the paints from settling or separating and extends their lifespan so we wanted to address this. Truth to be told, staff reasonably aren't too thrilled with the job either, so we're going to have a bulk electric paint shaker than can do 20 bottles at a time and easily several hundred an hour to make sure all the paints are always in prime condition.

Lastly, we've brought in another complete paint line. The Army Painter paints are part of a system that helps newer painters get started, while also providing quality for experienced painters. The rack holds the Army Painter paints, "tones," and color primers and brushes (which we've sold for years now). The Army painter range provides an extremely well balanced, general purpose, color palette. It's not tied to any particular game line or genre so it's excellent for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy paint schemes. With the more "real world" palette of the Model Color lines and the excellent specialized colors of Citadel and P3, we feel that the Army Painter line gives us a complete color offering for all your painting needs. Another great feature of Army Painter is that their excellent color primers all have exactly matching bottled paint that allows you to do further painting and touch up on color primed models without struggling to match color shades.

More information about the complete Army Paint range can be found at:

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And here we go...