And here we go...

Welcome to the new and greatly improved Valhalla's Gate website! It's been a long time coming and a major effort but we are so very happy to finally have it ready to use and available to you. The site isn't 100% complete yet, and there are still areas to be polished, but even so we felt that it's ready to be used and enjoyed (and we're certainly ready to turn the old site off).

Site Features

NEW Features:

  • Single sign-on - one login to the site handles everything including forum access, event reminders, commenting, and more things down the line (like online event registration)

  • Facebook Login - Use your Facebook login if you want, no need for another password to remember

  • Store news and updates from Facebook (without having to use Facebook)

IMPROVED Featuresimage of Valhalla

  • Calendar 

    • Greatly improved full month view (with color coding by event type)
    • New today, weekly and yearly views
    • Improved event detail listings
    • Email reminders for events (using your site log in email address)
    • Listing of the immediately upcoming events on the front page of the site
    • Filter monthly view to only show certain type of events (filter bar is below the calendar)
  • Contact form - more reliable email contact

  • Forums - better interface, integration with the rest of the site, and much easier for us to configure to meet the needs of users

Planned FUTURE Features:

  • Event registration (with capacity tracking and waiting list options)

  • Online payment for event registration

  • New product arrival information

  • Organization pages for in-store play leagues and campaigns

So, let us know what you think.


So, what's up with the paints?