Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot

Sunday November 14th, 2021 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Want to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons? This one-shot roleplaying session is designed for you  This introductory RPG game is being organized by Valhalla's Gate and Melvin, a staff member, will be running this introductory session.

Players will select who to play from pre-generated characters from the Players' Handbook. They generally cover classic examples of the fantasy genre: Bow wielding Wood Elf Fighter, Human Wizard, Half-orc Barbarian, Halfling Rogue, Sword-swinging Human Fighter, Dragonborn Sorcerer, Tiefling Warlock, Human Cleric, and Half-Elf Paladin.

Entry cost is $15 per player. Players will enjoy three-hours of immersive role-playing. Session is limited to six players. A minimum of two registered players is required for the event to happen.

Character sheets and pencils will be provided. The only thing a player needs is a set of polyhedral dice. Players who don't have their own dice yet may borrow a set from our game bin. We only have a few sets so it is recommended that players bring their own if possible.

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D&D one-shot
$ 15.00 D&D with Charlie
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