D&D One-Shot Adventure - The Delian Tomb (Level 1)

Wednesday July 15th, 2020 6:30 pm


Charlie, a Valhalla's Gate staff member, is hosting a one-shot, introductory adventure for Dungeons & Dragons on Zoom.  This adventure is deisgned for 3-5 players.  Entry fee is $10.00.  To register for this adventure, log in our website and click on the *Book This Event* button.  The zoom link will be emailed to paid participants.

Characters: A selection of 9 pre-generated level 1 Characters are made on Form-Fillable PDFs, all from the Player Handbook. They cover classic examples of the fantasy genre as well as fun ideas: Bow wielding Wood Elf Fighter, Human Wizard, Half-orc Barbarian, Halfling Rogue, Sword-swinging Human Fighter, Dragonborn Sorcerer, Tiefling Warlock, Human Cleric, and Half-Elf Paladin. This adventure is made for new players, so it isn’t suggested to have players make their own characters.

Synopsis: This one-shot is aimed at new players with the goal of teaching them the basics of playing the game. The Players are part of a caravan on a 5-day journey from county side to the city of Sanmytica that sits on the edge of the “Desert of the Lost” and is the furthest civilization in the west. Flint Trueheart, the dwarvish Caravaneer, knows the journey has dangers but hopes he can move everyone fast enough before the creatures of the wilds notice.

Recommended Age is 13+

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D&D the Delian Tomb
$ 10.00 One-shot, D&D Adventure run by Charlie
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Dungeons & Dragons The Delian Tomb One-Shot Adventure