Art of Miniatures - Painting a Translucent Elemental

Saturday July 25th, 2020 2:00 pm


Valhalla's Gate staff member and art education student, Sarah, is hosting a virtual clinic to teach customers how to make the most out of six paints to paint a whirling, translucent elemental model. For this tutorial, she will focus on how to paint a Fire Elemental.  You will learn how to mix paints, get ideas for color combinations, and items at home you can use as make-shift paint brushes.

The entry cost is $30.  Customers will receive six paints (lava orange, dragon red, babe blonde, troglodyte blue, matte black, and matte white) and one fire elemental model.

Registrants have the option to add on a water elemental and three additional paints (elemental bolt, ice storm, and ultramarine blue) for $15.  Sarah will briefly discuss tips for painting a water elemental at the end of the first tutorial.

This event will be hosted on zoom.  Links will be sent out to registered participants a few days before the event.

This clinic is meant for brand new painters and customers who have always wanted to learn to paint their own miniatures.  Learn how to paint a translucent model and reflect that whirling motion inside.

Booking information

Art of Miniatures - Fire Elemental Paint Tutorial
$ 30.00 Paint Clinic with Sarah includes 6 paints and fire elemental
ADD-ON - Water Elemental EXTRA
$ 15.00 3 additional paints & water elemental
Tickets Booked

Registrants will recieve six paints and a fire elemental for this tutorial. Painters also have the option to add a water elemental with three additional paints. Sarah will discuss painting the water elemental at the end of the tutorial.