Rental Games at Valhalla’s Gate

Rental Game Library Main smHave you ever wanted to try a board game before deciding to buy? Maybe you love trying new games but worry that you won’t play them more than a few times? Or maybe there are board games that you want to play but you just don’t have any place to store them?

Valhalla’s Gate is now offering board game rentals in the aptly named Valhalla’s Gate Game Rental Program. The Gate currently has more than 230 in-print, board game titles in our Game Library and we add new titles regularly. The majority of the games in the library are available to be rented and played at home, though there are a small number that are in-store only (“ISO”) rentals. Additionally, we have about 50 out-of-print games that aren’t available for taking home, but can be played in the Event Center simply by purchasing a play pass.

The rental program is great for all kinds of groups. You can try out a wide variety of games and discover what everyone likes to play. If you are having a gathering and need something new to do, rent a game! Best of all, planning a family game night has never been easier. Now, for a small fee, you can rent up to two games, and play in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.

Rentals aren’t due back at The Gate until noon the second day following pickup (for example, if you rent a game Monday afternoon, it will be due back by noon on Wednesday) so there’s need to rush through a game to get it returned on time.

How does the program work?
Games in the library generally rent for about 15% of the game’s purchase price, with a minimum cost of $3. All of the games in our rental program are labeled with the rental price as well as the “Buy It” price if you want to purchase a new copy of the game. Once you return the rental, you will receive a coupon that’s good towards purchasing a new copy of the game. If you do decide to purchase a copy, the rental price (not including tax) will be deducted from the game’s normal purchase price.

A VG Rewards Customer membership, which is free, and a valid credit card are required to rent a game.