Rental Games: The Big List

Here is a list of all the games that are currently available to be rented and taken home from Valhalla's Gate. This list is current as of December 17th, 2019.

Game Title    Company     Cost to Rent
7 Wonders   ASM   $8.00
A Feast for Odin   ZMG   $15.00
A Tale Of Pirates   LION   $6.00
Ablaze board game   MFG   $3.00
Adult Mad Libs: The Game   LOO   $3.00
Adventure Maximus RPG: Core Rules   EDN   $5.00
Agricola (revised 2016)   LKG   $9.00
Aquicorn Cove   RGS   $6.00
Are You A Werewolf?   LOO   $3.00
Arkham Horror Board Game (OLD)   FFG   $9.00
Arkham Horror LCG Core Set   FFG   $6.00
Atlas: Enchanted Lands   RGS   $3.00
Axis & Allies 1942   WOC   $6.00
Aztack tile game   BOG   $4.00
Battleship Galaxies   WOC   $10.00
Bosk board game   FGG   $7.00
Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Ga   BGM   $4.00
Bumuntu   WZK   $6.00
Captain Sonar   ASM   $8.00
Carcassonne Board Game (old version)   RGG   $6.00
Cash N Guns - Second Edition   ASM   $6.00
Castellion game   ZMG   $4.00
Castle Panic Boardgame   FSD   $6.00
Castles of Burgundy   RVN   $7.00
Catan board game (2015)   CSI   $8.00
Catan: Starfarers 2nd Edition (stand alone   CSI   $15.00
Caverna: Cave vs Cave (2 Player)   LKG   $5.00
Caverna: The Cave Farmers   MFG   $14.00
Choose One   LOO   $5.00
Citadels Card Game (Old edition)   FFG   $4.00
Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure   RGS   $10.00
Clank! in Space!   RGS   $10.00
Clouds   BOG   $3.00
Codenames   CGE   $3.00
Codenames: Duet   CGE   $3.00
Colt Express board game   ASM   $6.00
Comanauts   PHG   $11.00
Corinth   DOW   $4.00
Costa Rica   MFG   $6.00
Court of the Dead: Mourners Call - Spirit   PRG   $20.00
Cubeez, Silly Face Race   BOG   $3.00
D&D Dragonfire DBG   CAT   $9.00
D&D Dungeon Board Game   WOC   $3.00
Dead of Winter   PHG   $9.00
Descent 2nd Ed   FFG   $12.00
Dice Forge   ASM   $6.00
Dice Stack   BOG   $3.00
Discover: Lands Unknown   FFG   $9.00
Doodle Dice   BOG   $3.00
Doodle Quest party game   BOG   $5.00
Double Feature: The Movie Game For Everyon   RGS   $3.00
Dr. Beaker   BOG   $4.00
Dr. Eureka game   BOG   $3.00
Dr. Microbe game   BOG   $3.00
Dreadball: 2nd Edition Boxed Game   MGE   $13.00
Dungeon Raiders: 2nd Edition   DVR   $4.00
Elder Sign Board Game   FFG   $6.00
Eldritch Horror board game   FFG   $9.00
Empire Express   MFG   $6.00
Escape: Zombie City   QNG   $9.00
Eternal Chronicles of the Throne   RGS   $3.00
Eternas Classic (green/white)   MRE   $6.00
Ex Libris   RGS   $10.00
Exit: The Abandoned Cabin   TAK   $3.00
Exit: The Pharaoh's Tomb   TAK   $3.00
Explorers of the North Sea   RGS   $8.00
Fallout: The Board Game   FFG   $10.00
Family Business   MFG   $3.00
Fastrack   BOG   $3.00
Flash!   BOG   $3.00
Fluxx Adventure Time   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Batman   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Card Game   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Chemistry   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Cthulhu   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Doctor Who   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Drinking (Age 18+)   LOO   $4.00
Fluxx Firefly   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Holiday   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Math   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Monster   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Regular Show   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Star Trek   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Star Trek: The Next Generation   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx Stoner Fluxx (Age 18+)   LOO   $3.00
Fluxx The Board Game   LOO   $6.00
Flying Kiwis board game   BOG   $3.00
Folklore the Affliction   GNE   $11.00
Forbidden Island   GWI   $4.00
Formula D   ASM   $9.00
Game of Crowns   AEG   $6.00
Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne   FFG   $8.00
Gates of Delirium   RGS   $7.00
Gateway Uprising   COL   $6.00
Get Bit Deluxe Tin Edition   MDG   $5.00
Giant Pengoloo   BOG   $13.00
Giant Queendomino   BOG   $13.00
Gigamons game   BOG   $3.00
Gizmos 2nd Edition   COL   $6.00
Go Go Gelato game   BOG   $3.00
Gobblet   BOG   $6.00
Godsforge   ATG   $6.00
Goodcritters   AWG   $4.00
GOT LCG Core Set   FFG   $6.00
Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension   RGS   $6.00
Guillotine Card Game   AVH   $3.00
Happy Bunny   BOG   $3.00
Happy Pigs   IEL   $6.00
Harry Potter Clue   USO   $8.00
Hey! That's My Fish!   FFG   $3.00
High Risk   IEL   $3.00
Hive the Board Game   TCI   $6.00
Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Ker   ASM   $6.00
Honshu   RGS   $5.00
House of Danger Choose Your Own Adventure   ZMG   $4.00
Isle of Skye   LKG   $6.00
Jack and the Beanstalk Game   WIN   $3.00
Jungle Speed: Safari   ASM   $4.00
Junk Orbit   RGS   $6.00
Jupiter Rescue   TLC   $8.00
K2   ASM   $6.00
King of Tokyo: 2nd Edition (2016)   IEL   $6.00
Kingdom Builder   HPS   $9.00
Kingdomino board game   BOG   $4.00
Kingdomino Giant Size board game   BOG   $6.00
Koi   SND   $6.00
Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky   RGS   $5.00
Lanterns Emperor`s Gifts Expansion   RGS   $3.00
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival   RGS   $6.00
Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game   UDC   $11.00
Level 7 [Invasion]   PIP   $14.00
Ligretto Red Set   PLE   $3.00
Little Battle card game   IEL   $3.00
Loonacy Deck   LOO   $3.00
Lord of the Rings LCG Core Set   FFG   $6.00
Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings   AEG   $3.00
Lovelace & Babbage   AAX   $3.00
Mad Libs: The Game   LOO   $3.00
Magic Labyrinth   PLE   $6.00
Magic The Gathering: Ravnica Inquisition   WZK   $3.00
Maki Stack game   BOG   $4.00
Mansions of Madness   FFG   $12.00
Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Core Set   ASM   $15.00
Mary Engelbreit Loonacy   LOO   $3.00
Mille Bornes - Classic Racing Game   ASM   $3.00
Moono   LION   $3.00
Munchkin Bites   SJG   $4.00
Munchkin Card Game   SJG   $4.00
Mysterium   ASM   $8.00
Mystery   MFG   $6.00
Mystery Express   DOW   $8.00
Mystery of the Abbey board game   DOW   $10.00
Mystic Vale   AEG   $7.00
Nanofictionary   LOO   $3.00
New York 1901   BOG   $8.00
Niya   BOG   $3.00
Noctiluca   ZMG   $6.00
Nuns on the Run   MFG   $6.00
Obscurio   ASM   $8.00
Onirim   ZMG   $4.00
Orbis   ASM   $6.00
Paladins of the West Kingdom   RGS   $9.00
Panda Head   RRG   $3.00
Paper Tales   SHG   $7.00
Parks: The Board Game Kickstarter Edition   KEY   $8.00
Pathagon   MRE   $6.00
Periodic A Game of Elements   GEN   $6.00
PF RPG Beginner Box   PZO   $6.00
Photosynthesis board game   BOG   $6.00
Pina Pirata   IEL   $3.00
Pixy Cubes   BOG   $3.00
Planet board game   BOG   $6.00
Pool Party   BOG   $3.00
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Ga   RGS   $14.00
Pylos   GIGA   $6.00
Pyramid Arcade   LOO   $12.00
Quadefy   MRE   $6.00
Queendomino   BOG   $6.00
Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of Heroes   RGS   $8.00
Raids board game   IEL   $7.00
Railroad Ink: Blue   COL   $3.00
Rally Roll dice game   BOG   $3.00
Relic Runners   DOW   $10.00
Res Arcana   ASM   $6.00
Retro Loonacy Deck   LOO   $3.00
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures of Cursed Isla   PLG   $10.00
Saboteur   AGI   $3.00
Saboteur 2 Expansion   MFG   $3.00
Saddle Up!   PLE   $3.00
Sea of Clouds   IEL   $6.00
Settlers of Catan: Star Trek Catan   CSI   $9.00
Shaky Manor   BOG   $5.00
Sherlock Express Card Game   BOG   $3.00
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - Ja   ASM   $8.00
Simon's Cat: The Card Game   SJG   $3.00
Slide Quest   BOG   $4.00
Small World   DOW   $8.00
Smash Up   AEG   $6.00
SOC Catan Family Edition Board Game   MFG   $6.00
SOC Catan Junior   CSI   $6.00
SOC Rivals of Catan (SA)   CSI   $5.00
SOC Settlers of America (SA)   CSI   $9.00
SOC Settlers of Catan Card Game   MFG   $3.00
SOC Settlers of Catan Travel Ed   MFG   $5.00
Song of Ice & Fire: Starter - Stark vs. La   COL   $25.00
Space Base   AEG   $6.00
Space Gate Odyssey   ASM   $9.00
Spell Smashers   RGS   $8.00
Splendor board game   ASM   $6.00
Spy Club   RGS   $8.00
Star Trek: Five Year Mission   MFG   $6.00
Stuffed Fables   PHG   $11.00
Super Genius: Addition   BOG   $3.00
Super Genius: Alphabet (2016)   BOG   $3.00
Super Genius: First Words   BOG   $3.00
Sushi Draft   BOG   $3.00
Tags   ASM   $6.00
Terror Below   RGS   $8.00
The Blood of an Englishman   RGS   $3.00
The Legend of the Cherry Tree Pre-Release   IEL   $5.00
The Legend of the Wendigo board game   IEL   $3.00
The Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game   WZK   $8.00
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-   FFG   $15.00
The Resistance 3rd Ed card game   IBC   $3.00
The River   DOW   $6.00
The Tea Dragon Society Card Game   RGS   $3.00
The Towers of Arkhanos   IDW   $6.00
Through the Desert   ZMG   $7.00
Ticket to Ride   DOW   $8.00
Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Europe   DOW   $6.00
Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails   DOW   $12.00
Time Stories   ASM   $9.00
Timeline: America - History   ASM   $3.00
Titanium Wars   IEL   $6.00
Tofu Kingdom card game   BOG   $3.00
Tokaido board game   PGS   $7.00
Tokyo Highway   ASM   $8.00
Topiary   RGS   $6.00
Trappex   MRE   $6.00
Treasure Island   ASM   $9.00
Trekking National Parks: Second Edition   UDG   $8.00
Tricky Trunks   BOG   $5.00
Tsuro Phoenix Rising   CLP   $9.00
Tumble Tree card game   BOG   $3.00
Twiga   ASM   $3.00
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition   FFG   $25.00
Untold the Adventure Awaits   TCH   $6.00
Urbania - Progress, Profit, Power! game   MFG   $6.00
Vast: The Haunted Hallways Expansion   LED   $7.00
Vast: The Mysterious Manor   LED   $11.00
Vikings: Warriors of the North   REBEL   $8.00
Vortex   LION   $6.00
Wallet   CZE   $5.00
Welcome Back to the Dungeon Mini Games   IEL   $3.00
Where's Mr. Wolf?   BOG   $3.00
Who Did It?   BOG   $3.00
Wing It: Beyond   FLG   $4.00
World's Fair 1893   RGS   $6.00
Zoo Run   IEL   $3.00