PFS Smackdown! Pathfinder Society is June 11th at Valhalla's Gate

Väl mött, äventyrare!

I hope this finds all of you in good health and enjoying summer finally. Our New Player Experience has been very good in reaching out to new audiences as all lodges have seen new players showing up, ready to play some Pathfinder Second Edition for the first time. In addition, we've seen some returning players hitting our tables. It is always good to see old friends at our events and we want to continue that too.

This month, PFS Smackdown in Columbia is June 11th at Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, Missouri. We have two time slots, 11 AM and 3 PM with multiple tables available in each slot.

We will be running a Season 3 mega-event of the PFS2 metaplot along with other scenarios at Quin Con in July up in Quincy, Illinois where we are going to offer a lot of Starfinder Society scenarios over the weekend as well. This is the Road to Quin Con. Even if you do not attend Quin Con, the scenarios will still contribute to the growth of your characters and further their storylines as always.

Remember, we welcome everyone to the table at PFS Smackdown. New players and returning players are always welcome to our tables. We charge no fees for our games. The $5 fee you pay is to Valhalla's Gate which provides the venue for us to play at.

The Bring-A-Friend program will continue indefinitely as well. I am anticipating awarding bonus points over the next several months and looking forward to rolling dice with you and your friends at the table!

See you in Columbia on the 11th!

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

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