DnD / Pathfinder group looking for more in Jeff City

I will be running an homebrew game soon and looking to get more players for the group(have 3-4 currently). It will either be DnD 5E(which I'm leaning towards) or pathfinder 2e if people wish. Game will be based in Jefferson City every other week Saturday or Sunday. Details to be ironed out with players. My discord is Sandswarm#0936 if you are interested.

A small snippet from the game, players will be part of an Order that has taken charge of hunting down supernatural occurrences. Players will start within the order and progress through a world currently on fire from the war of two large nations. There is a multitude of complexities for players to unravel, revealing the secrets of the world, the gods, and even the players themselves. There will be adult themes in the game(including gore, horror, and torture) Limitations for players will be discussed and augmented as needed.

Due to the Covid19 resurgence, all players, including myself are vaccinated and would request the same from incoming players to prevent infection. Thank you for considering this in responses.

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