February Pathfinder Society Smackdown

(Since we had to cancel January's Smackdown due to inclement weather, we are shifting the majority of those sessions to the February 15th PFS Smackdown.)

What if the founders of the Pathfinder Society forged a secret pact among themselves that was unknown for over 400 years? It's time for us to begin exploring this major story line of PFS2 this month!

We will gather at Valhalla's Gate on February 15th for our monthly PFS Smackdown. There are four tables in the first time slot and three tables in the second time slot. First time slot is 11 AM and the second is 3 PM. You can read more about the tables on our leagueofaroden989610454.wordpress.com/20...ackdown-again/League of Aroden website .

Sign ups are on our Warhorn page. .

The 1-00 scenario is for Level 5 Pregens only and was ran at Gen Con 2019. The credit for the session can be applied to any character in the 1-5 range upon completion of the scenario. It was meant to show players how the game was played at 5th level and popped a lot of eyes open when we ran it there. We have not ran this scenario at Smackdown before and we really need to as it kicks off the main plot to Season One of PFS2 which is starting to show up in more and more scenarios.

If you don't have a character, we have pregens available. New players are always welcome!

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

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