Vampire 5e, needing players

Looking to run a V5 game on the second and fourth sunday of each month. plan on like a noon to 5 run time for the game although could be longer if players are down. we could have a few games at the gate and we can continue there or move it to someone's place if we wanted to play longer than 5.

The game will be set in New York city. in 2012 with most of the elders following the beckoning to the east the city was quickly regained by remaining sabbat in the area with full control of the city and its surrounding areas gained by the year 2015. The camarilla was quite on this event until december 2018 unexpectedly the justicars and their army sweeped into the city and in one night completely cleared out the sabbat reclaiming the city for the Ivory Tower and started work to turn it into a central point for the Ivory Tower.

if the group decides to go camarilla they will assist in rebuilding the city in the Tower's image all while working as a coateri in trying to gain political power for when the Justicars let go of power and hand off to a formal camarilla structure.

If the group decides to go Anarch then you will find yourself aided by other coateris in the siege of Manhattan and working to overthrow the camarilla and claim New York as the most powerful freehold in the world.

if interested you can reply here or email me at

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