October PFS Smackdown

Once again, that monthly event known as the PFS Smackdown is coming to Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, Missouri on October 12th! We've expanded the number of tables for this month to four in each time slot as the demand for Pathfinder Second Edition continues to grow. This month we are going to feature a special Pathfinder Second Edition Character Creation Seminar where we conduct a walk through of how to build a character that is also fully ready for PFS game play. We will also test out these new characters by playing The Sandstone Secret, a short quest scenario which is also repeatable meaning that it can be played multiple times by players as long as they use a different character each time.

The seminar and quest session will fill the four tables in the first time slot from 11:00 to 3:00 PM.

In the second time slot from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM we are going to offer four tables as well. The first table is 1-01 The Absalom Initiation which is a repeatable scenario. The second table will be 1-03 Escaping the Grave which is a 1-4 tier scenario and kind of appropriate for Halloween. The third table will be 1-04 Bandits of Immenwood which is also a 1-4 tier scenario. We will also offer a fourth table, but we want to see if we have more new players signing up for the seminar who would benefit more from a session of 1-01 as their first full session. As we get closer to the date, we will see where we are.

Players can talk to us about this here on this forum or via our FaceBook page.

You can sign up for these sessions at our Valhalla's Gate PFS Smackdown Warhorn page .

Also, I've got some links in League of Aroden's Resources section. You can find the links for the 2nd Edition Guild Guide which you really should go visit.

Finally, in the actual PFS Second Edition Guild Guide , go to the Player Basics section and go through it. There is a lot of information in it for you in building that first character for PFS2. There's a lot of changes from the First Edition PFS and it really will help your character accomplish even more than ever before.

Please sign up on Warhorn so we can plan for your session and make it a great experience for you! See you on the 12th!

New Players are very welcome! This is a great time to start playing PFS Society sessions using the new Pathfinder Second Edition rules.

Xathos of Varisia

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

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