Spring Market Day on Saturday!

Hey everyone, just a reminder about Spring Market Day on Saturday from 11-4! I know info if up on the calendar, but I wanted to mention a few things I’ll be selling.

I have a few rpg core and supplemnent books (Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, D&D 3E)

A good amount of X-wing stuff. Including several complete expansions (slave 1, rebel aces, decimate, most wanted)

An original AD&D red box from 1980, and original run “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” adventure module in AMAZING condition.

Top Secret, another 1980s TSR rpg box set. Both the Red Box and Top Secret are complete and the materials are in good condition (the boxes are worn but in good shape overall)

Anyway come see me and other people at the Market. I’ll be the big guy with a beard and pink hair. Any prices I give are more opening prices and are super negotiable.( especially if you mention seeing this or mention your absolute loyalty to the Galactic Empire) It’s stuff I’d like to get to appreciative geeks while funding my dive into Star Wars Legion. Even if I don’t have anything you want, come say Hi and make the gaming community a little closer!

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