Welcome to our new forums! We think everyone is going to enjoy the new features that these forums offer over our previous ones.

We were unfortunately not able to migrate data over from our old forums before going live. And truth be told, we may never be able to bring things overs. This means two things - first, everyone is going to have to create new accounts. If you use Facebook you can just use the Facebook log in and be registered in a single step. If not, you will have to fill out the registration form. The best place to log in for the first time is from the "Site Login" option on the right side of the top menu of the website. Our new site uses a single sign on so once logged in you won't have to log in again for the forums, event reminders or registrations, or anything else.

The second thing that not being able to migrate our old forums means is that messages from those forums will be appear here. We're currently planning on providing read-only access to the old forums/messages for the next six months or so. You can get to them with this link: Old Valhalla's Gate Forums.

We've launched with a somewhat different folder organization than we used to have, but as time goes by we will adjust forum organization as needed.

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